The post-modern ULTRA movement of the beginning of the 1980 was in Haarlem centred around squatted places in the town itself and in suburbs like Aerdenhout and Heemstede. Artists and musicians created their own workingspaces and studio’s, driven by the DIY mentality of the Punk movement.

Meeting point was recordshop Amigos in the Kruisstraat. Main outlet for the music production was the Studio 12 label, based at Klein Heiligland 12. It also became the place where concerts and art exhibitions were organised.

Next stop became Hal 5, an old industrial spot next to Haarlem Central Station. This was frequently visited by VPRO Radio to broadcast concerts held there (The Ex, Minimal Compact).

The output on Studio 12 label was mainly MC’s with handmade covers and without tracklisting, later also a couple vinyl records were released.

Studio12 bands were Nexda, Smalts, Vitaal, Die Krü Blødt, Abandon, K&I, Cargo-Cultus, Heatrow Saxxe, Terminals, CYBE, Two CC, Iry Iv & The Rebels.

Some of the bands appeared also on other labels like Plurex and VPRO. Nowadays only Smalts is still active.

Under the banner ULTRA2012, the ULTRA movement was memorised in 2012 with gigs and exhibitions.

Lebowski, Amsterdam published the book ‘ULTRA’ by Harold Schellinx documenting the original period, its creative output and Haarlems contribution to it.

The complete catalogue has now been digitised, restored and mastered to be re-released this year.

STUDIO 12 (5LP / 7” bonus / booklet) (BP112 / VOD150)    <t.b.a.>

LP1 Muzak for Critics o.a. Siebe • LP2 Studio12 Sampler o.a. Cargo-Cultus, Heathrow Saxxe, Nexda

LP3 Die Krü Blödt, K&I • LP4 Nexda, Nexda • LP5 Nexda, Smalts, Terminals • 7” Vitaal

MUZAK FOR CRITICS - var. artists (BP035)    <t.b.a.>

STUDIO12 Sampler - var. artists  (BP036)    <t.b.a.>

NEXDA - Blue (BP037)    <download>

NEXDA - Black (BP038)    <download>

NEXDA - Red (BP039)    <download>

K&I - Promise Promise (BP040)    <download>

DIE KRÜ BLØDT - Bas Tapes Drums (BP041)    <download>

NEXDA - 1 (BP042)    <t.b.a.>

NEXDA - Second (BP043)    <t.b.a.>

TERMINALS - Rolled Up - split 7” (BP045)    <download>

ABANDON - SIx Elements Until Zero (BP046)    <download>

NEXDA - Dirt & Junkride (BP050)    <t.b.a.>

CARGO-CULTUS / NEXDA - split 7” (BP051)    <download>

NEXDA - Album (BP052)    <t.b.a.>

NEXDA - Words & Numbers (BP102)    <t.b.a.>

IRY IO & REBELS - Love You (BP107)   <t.b.a.>

Terminals were Wim Dekker, Ivo Schalkx and Jacqueline Webber

This track appeared on the 7” compilation ‘17to7on33’ (Plurex 0019)

Recorded in Aerdenhout

K&I were Nexda’s Ivo Schalkx and Karin Hueting

Split 7” of Cargo Cultus and Nexda

Generously supported by Amigos, recordshop and boutique in Haarlem

Die Krü Blødt feat. André P. (Dre) van Rooijen.

Later active in Nicotine, Cheerful Fruitflies and many many other Haarlem bands