In C (BP006) - CD / DL

1/ In C (33:22)

The Minimal classic associated with Terry Riley's name is his 1964 piece In C. It is undoubtedly a major piece: a statement in many ways. The work in the 'easy' key of C Major connects notated classical style music and jazz improvisation. But In C is not just to be played but to be heard as well, and deals with directing a non-hierachical group of musicians. 

In C offers a wealth of textural possibilities with a score consisting of 53 melodic patterns that may be repeated as many times as desired. It can be played by any combination of instruments and by any number of instrumentalists.

In C marks some of  Terry Riley's musical ideas: 1: His interest in improvisation. 2: The inspiration of repetitive musical structures he heard and loved in North African music. The same influence affected La Monte Young, Steve Reich, Philip Glass and Colin McPhee, starting in the early 1960's as an 'underground scene' in San Francisco and New York. In Europe Louis Andriessen, the late Karel Goeyvaerts, Michael Nyman, Gavin Bryars, Henryk Górecki and Arvo Pärt demonstrated a similar interest in minimal traits.

For Smalts it is principally the influence of Javanese gamelan music (which can be heard in many songs by Smalts on all their albums) that made them decide to record this work. It was written as a piece defined by the interactions between the members of a diverse group of musicians, and it would vary in terms of duration, structure and tempo every time it was played. In C appears simple to understand, but turns out rich, subtle, and diverse when heard in performance.

‘I like the Sound of This One Very Much...

It Almost Sounds like One Kind of Fantastic Instrument Playing. Very Intriguing’. - Terry Riley

mastered by Daan Arisz

dropcard includes also alternate version by DJ Zip & Blowpipe2015 Sampler (BP082)

Bronze Age Nursery Rhyme (KSR056) - Vinyl

American compilation with 6 Dutch -, 2 English -, 1 Russian song & 2 instrumentals

including dropcard for Blowpipe2012 Sampler (BP030)

© Blowpipe 2000-2019


1/ A Better Resurrection, 2/ Shosti’s Specs, 3/ I Dwell In Possibility (feat. ELEKTRA)


Nevelglans is een ode aan de poezie en de Nederlandse in het bijzonder.

Het motto van Nevelglans is, om met Jan Hanlo te spreken: - Poezie is de vakantie van de filosofie -.

CD - 17 nummers op teksten van o.a. Gerrit Achterberg, Jan Arends, Hugo Claus en Jan Hanlo.

1. Oh Baby 2. De hemel is leeg (Hendrik Marsman) 3. I am the English Master (Jan Hanlo) 4. Medium (Gerrit Achterberg) 5. Nevelglans 6. Not a Hint of Compassion (Nina Targan Mouravi) 7. Ik ging in statie naar de stad (Jan Arends) 8. De grote lijster 9. Vuurvast 10. Op het kerkhof (Jan Hanlo) 11. Adultrous (Nina Targan Mouravi) 12. Houthakker 13. Vriendin (Hugo Claus) 14. Zelf-verandering (Willem Kloos) 15. Twee keer in de week 16. Levenslang 17. Woelig

DVD - de documentaire - Jan Hanlo, En Die Man Ben Ik Zelf - van BarBara Hanlo.

NL 1991 / 46 min. / 4:3 / kleur / Nederlands gesproken / ondertiteling Engels

‘mooi en meeslepend’ - Nationaal Pop Instituut
‘fris, serieus maar met humor, en zeer sfeervol’ -
‘Knap werk, ...hulde!’ - Platomania


Het album heeft 13 songs die min of meer betrekking hebben op de tragedie van de verongelukte Russische atoomonderzeeër Koersk in de Barentszzee en is opgedragen aan de overledenen en ter ondersteuning van de nabestaanden.

  1. 1.Salley Gardens (William Butler Yeats), 2. Bliss, 3. Some One, 4. Zuwasi, 5. Low,

  2. 6.Soljaris (Nina Targan Mouravi), 7. Kogel (Wally van Middendorp), 8. Silver Hours, 9. Click,

10. Dance with Me, 11. Flying, 12. Golden Hours, 13. Goodbye in Fear (Christina Rossetti)

'Uitzonderlijk sereen' - Haarlems Dagblad
'Uitermate verzorgd en verfijnd' - Vido's Logzine


Recorded at the Sweelinck Conservatorium and engineered by Floris van Manen - VM

Originally released as a 12” in 1982 (Plurex 0028)

feat. Wim Dekker, Pieter Mulder, Zip Boterbloem en Rubin Ootes.

1st copy for Terry Riley

@ World Minimal Music Festival

8 - 12 Apr. - Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam

foto Hans de Bruijn

Plurex promotional cassette feat. Nasmak & Smalts

Werktitel 2 & Werktitel 6 plus a 15 min. live-set incl. Ivo Schalkx (Nexda) features on:

v/a - STUDIO 12 recordings 1980-1984 (BP112 / VOD150)

a 5LP boxset / bonus 7” / 12 pag full-color booklet

LP1 Muzak for Critics o.a. Siebe, Wim Dekker • LP2 Studio 12 Sampler (1000 Faces) o.a. Cargo-Cultus, Heathrow Saxxe, Nexda, Smalts • LP3 Die Krü Blödt, K&I • LP4 Nexda • LP5 Nexda, Smalts, Zip, Terminals • 7” Vitaal

Wonderful collaboration-release between VOD and Blowpipe to celebrate one of the most exciting dutch 80’s tape-labels. Musical harvest of Studio 12, the postpunk cassette label of the Haarlem Dutch Ultra movement of almost 5 hours of music with 63 tracks, restored & remastered.

Beginning of the 80's artists and musicians mingled in squatted places to create, in the true DIY-vain, an unique blend of (minimal) electronics, drones, soundscapes and tribal music.

Bands like Nexda, Smalts, Vitaal, Die Krü Blødt, Cargo-Cultus still sound fresh and exciting today but received only a marginal distribution back then. The result were excellent compilation-tapes such as 'A Thousand Faces', 'Muzak for Critics', a K&I tape called 'Promise Promise' as well as several Nexda-tapes, all released in very limited amount that finally find the well deserved reissue as a remastered 5LP-vinyl-box-set with extensive full-color booklet. We are happy that this boxset sets this straight and that it find its way to music aficionados and a new enthusiastic public.

digitalised by Floris van Manen

remastered by Jos Smolders (EARLabs)

designed by the mighty Steve Lippert


• Harry Prenger for The Post Online • Frans de Waard in Vital Weekly