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       ////////  NEWS  ////////

√    V.A. - STUDIO12 - (5LP+7”boxset+extensive linernotes)    <t.b.a.>

      with Muzak for Critics, Studio Sampler, Nexda, Die Krü Blödt, Vitaal, Smalts, K&I,

      Heathrow Saxxe, Cargo-Cultus, Terminals ..... the full monty coming up!

√    NEXDA - Words & Numbers (LP)  <t.b.a.>

      The Plurex recordings plus outtakes...

√    ELEKTRA - Modena  (DL)   new

      brand new epic recording an electronic one track opera single -

      credit: composed, arranged, recorded, produced, mixed & cover art by Elektra /             

      mastering: EarLabs, Jos Smolders

      - released May 10th -

√              DENEUVE - Light Heeled Fleet Footed Cheap Artists    new

                new 10 track LP • 180gr audiophile • Blowpipe BP091

      1.Four Bouncers in the Alley 2.Spinning 3.Red Kilohertz

       4.Caravane des Caravelles 5.Gorky Toys 6.Very Happys 7.Douce Natalia

       8.Nightclubbing 9.Saturna (cheap artists mix) 10.Cheap Artists

       - released May 2nd -

√    ELEKTRA - Spirits Summoned West (DL)    new

      after a poem of D. H. Lawrence

      - released March 8th -