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√    v/a - STUDIO12 recordings 1980-1984 (BP112)

      with Muzak for Critics, 1000 Faces (Studio12 Sampler), Nexda,

      Die Krü Blødt, Vitaal, Smalts, K&I, Heathrow Saxxe, Cargo-Cultus,

      Terminals • <300 min. • remastered • incl 12 pag booklet

√    BIG HARE - What Has Been Seen (BP104)

      new single - available as cassette and DL

      a celebration on the Summer of Love

√    K.T.REEDER - Garage-Jazz (BP116)

      Transition (BP115) • solo trombone

      Commune 7 (BP114) • trombone & band

      Central Ideology (BP113) • solo trombone

      Source of Being (BP111) • solo trombone

      Hypernation (BP106) • solo trombone

      Utopian Dream (BP105) • trombone & electronics

√    ELEKTRA - Modena (BP099)

      brand new epic recording an electronic one track opera single

      credit: composed, arranged, recorded, produced, mixed & cover

      art by Elektra • mastering: EARLabs, Jos Smolders (DL)

√    DENEUVE - Light Heeled Fleet Footed Cheap Artists (BP091)

      new 10 track LP • 180 gr audiophile •

      1.Four Bouncers in the Alley 2.Spinning 3.Red Kilohertz

      4.Caravane des Caravelles 5.Gorky Toys 6.Very Happys

      7.Douce Natalia 8.Nightclubbing 9.Saturna (cheap artists mix)

      10.Cheap Artists

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