TESTLAB(BP126) - 6 track LP - 180 grams


A1. Maanreflectie, 2. Polyritmiek, 3. Verstärker,

B1. Spitsuur, 2. Jah Toch, 3. Kleine Golf

This LP was composed and recorded at the Waveform Research Centre between July and September 2018. This studio is located in WORM, in Rotterdam and is set up and maintained by yours truly.

It is a collection of electronic test equipment that was never designed for making music, but made for measuring errors in other equipment and to calibrate devices.

Back in the 1950s and 1960s there were several studios like this that made electronic music, as in that period there were no (modular) synthesizers to make music with. At that time, pioneers like Delia Derbyshire, Dick Raaijmakers, and Karlheinz Stockhausen made music in studios like the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Natlab and The WDR studios; to name just a few.

The Waveform Research Centre is a studio with a similar set-up to those studios; though we’re not working with old tape machines. We use a computer to multitrack and mix...  more credits.

Mastered at MelodyLab Mastering

Sleeve design by Red Bol

Produced by Wim Dekker for Blowpipe and Lukas Simonis for Worm

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