SOON - EXTRATOOL 1-2 Garden of the Future - The Inventor of Dreams (BP168)     (7”)


KIDBUG - EXTRATOOL 5-6:  (BP170)  (7”)

BIG HARE - EXTRATOOL 7-8: - Divine Math (BP171)    (7”)

In the residency series Extratool, Extrapool will hand over its sound studio to a musician or (sound) artist for a few days. This person then invites a colleague to collaborate on two new compositions. At the centre of this series is Yuri Landman's range of instruments: string and percussion instruments on which coloured dots indicate harmonic divisions that deepen and colour the various sounds.


From the 14th till the 17th of May 2020 SOON was the first one to accept this invitation.

“Yuri is an artist that builds and presents complex string divisions on pinewood fretboards. He explains his theoretical explorations in a playful way with coloured dots on the board. We decided not to follow these graphic scores, but to let the instruments inspire us and research their specific character. How could we specify their sound and combine them with our improvisations? It turned out to be difficult to tune the instruments: they reminded us more of measuring tools. In the end we used that association as a strength for ‘The inventor Dreams’. We got excited over the (micro)tonal space that arose within the various sounds of the strings. These we sampled and layered, until an interesting composition arose.

‘Garden of the Future’ starts from the idea of an ongoing pulse with a lot of space for our noise around it, noise that is abrasive and seductive at the same time. We were curious as to how the constructed sound would combine with the timbre of human voice and sampled a phone conversation with Ibelisse. Combining Yuri’s instruments with our own synthesizers and guitars is our attempt to tell a poetic story that passes by like a dream.

SOON is Liu Mottes and Jochem van Tol

SOON is in search of the audible life around tone, noise and rhythm. They make music that embraces the vibrations in each moment and adds layers to it; Music as an increased attention for the (im)possible.

music: Liú Mottes & Jochem van Tol - mix: Floyd Raynor


From the 3rd till the 6th of December 2020 Albert van Abbe worked on this second iteration. He invited Swedish artist David von Bahr to collaborate. Covid regulations created a situation in which the residency took place simultaneously in Nijmegen, Stockholm and Eindhoven.

Albert van Abbe: “For us The Extratool project was a perfect extension into the realm of sound and a way to get to know each other sonically, working acoustically and with analog electronics remotely. While we have other projects on the horizon, the Extratool 7’’ is the debut of our collaboration in physical form.”

“The result consists of howling atonal acoustic snare fragments reminding of some releases on Subtext Recordings merged with modular synth improvisations. A vague nod to modern classical music in a DIY manner.”

Albert van Abbe

A self-titled veteran ‘Sound Builder’ Albert van Abbe has just about covered the whole field of electronic music over the course of the last 20 years; from minimalistic sound installations to uncompromising hardcore acid productions, a long list of collaborative works, institutional partnerships and public projects with artists of various mediums add to an exciting list of performances both inside and outside the club

David von Bahr

As a painter, David von Bahr is direct and effective. He eschews drafts or outlines in favour of a direct meeting with the canvas where his motives take form through improvisation and instinct. He sees this bluntness as an intrinsic part of his work and sets up practical guidelines to enable this freedom. Abstract patterns, blocks of colour and scattered brush strokes are ordered into an intuitive framework shaped by the artist for the sake of efficiency and satisfaction. Recently he picked up working with modular synthesis. 


music: Albert van Abbe & David von Bahr - mix: Albert van Abbe


From the 8th until the 11th of July 2021 The duo Big Hare (Tim Fraanje and Luuk Ottenhof) created the final pieces of this residency series. Subsequently recording their new work on a tape reel at Willem Twee studios for future use and molding.

Big Hare

Since 2012 Big Hare creates electronic mantras about internet-phenomena, discomfort and masquerades. Their second full-length album Lucky Dip released in 2019 at Blowpipe Records.

Big Hare is Tim Fraanje and Luuk Ottenhof.

music: Tim Fraanje & Luuk Ottenhof - mix: Luuk Ottenhof


During two weekends in March of 2021 Marina Tadic took it upon herself to work on this third iteration. She asked Adam Harding to collaborate. Together they are the heart of the band Kidbug.

Marina Tadic and Adam Harding: ‘”Endless Waves” was written and recorded exclusively on Yuri’s microtonal instruments, with our bandmate Thor Harris adding percussion, bowed cymbal and other objects from his home in Austin, Texas.

“Cloudbursting” is a more conventional Kidbug song, written on electric guitar in open tuning. We utilized Yuri’s instruments to add atmospherics to the song, along with hacked telephone for vocals. Our US bandmates contributed their parts remotely, with Thor in Austin, and Bobb Bruno in Los Angeles.

We are grateful to Extrapool for the opportunity to explore Yuri's instruments in our own intuitive way and write music that, without this residency, would not have otherwise been written.’


Kidbug consists of musicians from the American recordlabel Joyful Noise Recordings. The group was founded in December of 2018 by Australian Adam Harding (Dumb Numbers) and Dutch Marina Tadic (Eerie Wanda). They met at the label’s annual Christmas Party in Indianapolis. They stayed in touch and wrote songs to each other long-distance. With the help of friends Thor Harris (Swans), Bobb Bruno (Best Coast) and Dale Crover (Melvins) they recorded their album at Postal Recordings in Indianapolis. They are currently working at their second album. 


music: Marina Tadic & Adam Harding - additional percussion: Thor Harris

bass on Cloudbursting: Bobb Bruno- mix: Kidbug

mastering: Peter Johan Nÿland at 4 & Rising

artwork: Jacob Hoving

concept: Herman van den Muijsenberg

Extratool is Herman van den Muijsenberg, Peter Johan Nÿland, Frans de Waard at Extrapool