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deNeuve - OLD BRUCE (BP055) - 4-track 12” & available in blue or pink vinyl

incl. download card with extra track

mastered by Anders Peterson

  1. 1.Old Bruce

  2. 2.Les Grands Demis

  3. 3.Ruski

  4. 4.Morningboy

deNeuve - UGLY (BP079) - 12 track CD album incl. 144 cm leporello

1.Wolfspace 2.Our English House 3.Anna Camprena 4.Paris Deux 55 5.Molotrop 6.Western

7.Young Lines 8.Killing Alvin 9.1980 Anger 10.Lee and Margot 11.Old Bruce (UGLY mix) 12.Morningboy

Design in safe hands by Bert Feddema. Mastering by Anders Peterson

Special attention deserves the eyecatcher made by photographer Gert Jan van Rooij: a 144 cm wide leporello "songscape" with song- and production info.

Reviews UGLY:

'Intense, without going into overkill......when the rhythm comes, it's relentless and the mix of samples is controlled chaos' - *Chain DLK Steve Mecca - feb. 2016

'Een album dat zijn gelijke niet snel zal ontmoeten. Tijdloos en van ouderwetse en nieuwe klasse!'

*Subjectivisten. JWBroek - feb. 2016

'... een feest van vervormde gitaren en cinephonic voices in semi-industriële landschappen vol experimentele wendingen' - *OOR Oscar Smit feb 2016

Awaiting the forthcoming album "light heeled fleet footed cheap artists" (vinyl early 2017),

now presenting the CD UGLY. 12 songs in mechanical, sometimes UGLY constructions, using samples and cinephonic voices to support the structures. Roots in Ultra, industrial, noise and theatre (key role for guitar). From melancholically to massive.

deNeuve was founded in 2011 by André Bach and Mark Tegefoss who have a long history of making music together. They were part of the 1980's Ultra movement with their vulturepunk band Tox Modell, a period well-documented in Harold Schellinx book ‘ULTRA’ (Lebowski - Amsterdam). Followed by the guitar wave band Tecnoville. Their next monicker became Det Wiehl, where they worked with choreographer Shusaku Takeuchi and were commissioned to compose and perform several dance performances. The urge for less abstract music was the impulse to start deNeuve, which evolved as a more song structured studio project. Still using guitars and influenced by cult movies and sonics of their favorite recording artists, the cut-up method was used to create their own distinct sound, without denying their underground ultrasonic background in the process.



deNeuve - Light Heeled Fleet Footed Cheap Artists (BP091)

10 track 180 grams Audiofile vinyl + bonus remix CD

deNeuve - Light Heeled Fleet Footed Cheap Artists (BP091CD)

10 track Digipack CD with 6 remixed tracks*

Ultra modernists of deNeuve are back on track with this hallucinating soundtrack, pushing their cinematographic music up, to the next level. Created for screaming volumes. Own the sound of now.

A1.Four Bouncers in the Alley* 2.Spinning* 3.Red Kilohertz* 4.Caravane des Caravelles*

5.Gorky Toys* B6.Very Happys 7.Douce Natalia 8.Nightclubbing 9.Saturna (cheap artists mix) 10.Cheap Artists*

Guests Dirk Polak, Xavier Martin

Mastering by Anders Peterson

deNeuve - push push rock & roll (BP122) - 4 track 180 grams Audiofile vinyl 12”

4 nieuwe tracks op een vinyl 12”

A1 From the top

A2 Seventyfour

B1 Naked in clay

B2 Push rock and roll

Intens, urgent, cinematografisch maar voornamelijk onontkoombaar zoals alleen deNeuve dat kan. Een genre op zich - riemen vast.

Hoes met kunst van de grote Peter Klashorst.

Guests Micheline Gykiere, Joop van Brakel

Mastering by Rinus Hooning

deNeuve - .be (BP166) CD digipack

10 new tracks plus 12 page foto booklet

‘spinning beats, hypnotic sequencers and casual vocals’

Intens, urgent, cinematografisch maar voornamelijk onontkoombaar zoals alleen deNeuve dat kan...

deNeuve is André Bach & Mark Tegefoss

mastering by Rinus Hooning

cover & booklet photography Gert Jan van Rooij

design Kit