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    BLDK - Vitamin Kale (BP110) - single/DL (new)

    These lunatics put themselves deliberately into an almost suicidal K-hole

    to give an authentic performance for their music videos. Some might call

    it an artistic experiment, others a world-worn stupidity.

    * ‘K-hole’ is the subjective state of dissociation from the body        

    experienced after high doses of the dissociativeanesthetic ketamine. This

    state mimics schizophrenia, out-of-body experiences and near-death

    experiences, and is accompanied by feelings of extreme
    derealization, depersonalization and disorientation, as well as        

    temporary memory loss and vivid hallucinations.

    ** ‘Vitamin Kale’ is a freshly coined slang term for Ketamine. Use it!

    *** Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khani is an irrelevant pop-band,

    showcasing a seductive sensibility with illegal lyrical content and an

    almost perverted catchiness. BLDK consists of Steven Bos, Susan Lanting,

    Gover Meit & Sina Khani.


    √     boslantingdouchekhani